David Cornette

Me, trying on the sample World Series ring

Me, trying on the sample World Series ring
I was recently a graduate student at the University of Southern Maine. I received my Master's degree in computer science on May 13, 2006.

I did my master's project on the OpenGL Shading Language. You can read my write-up of this project. On April 21, I presented a poster about my project at the Thinking Matters Symposium. You can view the poster in Powerpoint format and in pdf format.

Earlier at USM I wrote a cloth simulation program for my Computer Graphics class. It represents the cloth as a grid of point masses connected by springs. It simulates the effects of gravity, collisions with other objects, and friction on those surfaces. The code for the cloth simulation program is available. You will need JOGL (the OpenGL bindings for Java) to run it.
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Here is my baseball projection page from 2003. A brief explanation of it is here. Previous editions of the page can be found here.

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