Adding Repositories

In addition to the Fedora release and update repositories, I have added several other repositories, RPM Fusion,, and, most importantly for these purposes, Planet CCRMA.

RPM Fusion is useful for providing libraries for playing different types of media files that are not supported by Fedora out of the box.  For example, if you want to be able to play (or make) mp3s, you will want to use this repository.  It also provides packages for some proprietary drivers, such as those provided by ATI and Nvidia for their graphics cards.  These graphics drivers are not critical for doing audio work, and I have read that these drivers may actually be harmful to low latency audio.  But if you are also interested in using Blender, or playing games, then you may want to use them anyway.  Right now I am using the free drivers for my ATI Raseon HD 4350 based adapter, which does not do 3D acceleration yet, but this is evidently a work in progress now.

Freshrpms currently only has one package, libdvdcss, since it has mostly been merged into RPM Fusion.  This library is used to play encrypted DVDs.  This of course is also not necessary for audio work.

The third and most important repository is Planet CCRMA.  This repository contains packages for kernels that have the real time patches applied, as well as many other audio related applications and libraries.  If you want to do any sort of audio work on Fedora, you will definitely want to use this repository.

Adding these repositories is pretty simple.  It is just a matter of installing an rpm for each repo.  For RPM Fusion, you can go to the RPM Fusion configuration page and follow the directions.  This repository actually has two separate repositories, free and non-free.  If you only want free software, or if you only need the media format support but not the proprietary drivers, you can install just the free repo and ignore the non-free.  If in doubt, look through what is in each repo, and decide what you need.

You can add the Freshrpms repository by installing the release rpm for that repository.  Note that this will add the repo for Fedora 11, which is the version that I have installed on my computer.  It appears that Freshrpms does not yet have a separate version for Fedora 12, so that most likely means that the Fedora 11 version still suffices for Fedora 12.

To add the Planet CCRMA repo, I installed the Planet CCRMA repo file for Fedora 11.  Note that unlike the others, this file does not include the word “release” in it, instead the package is called planetccrma-repo.  After adding this repo, you will want to install a number of packages from it.  I will cover that in my next post.

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