Adding Important Audio Packages

Once you have installed the Planet CCRMA repository, you will want to install many of the packages from it.  Fortunately, this is simplified by the existence of several meta packages that are included in the repo.  These packages are planetccrma-core and planetccrma-apps.  These packages don’t include any files, but rather require other packages, and are useful for pulling in bundles of other packages.

planetccrma-core includes the kernel with the real time patches applied to it, the rtirq script, and some alsa packages.  The Planet CCRMA installation instructions recommends making a change in the yum configuration before installing this package.  In the file /etc/yum.conf, they recommend setting installonly_limit to 0.  This will make yum keep an unlimited number of kernels, instead of just the default of 2.  I have done this, however, I now have 11 regular kernels installed, plus the rt one from CCRMA.  A better choice might be something more like 4 or 5.  Once this change is made, you can go ahead and use yum to install planetccrma-core.

planetccrma-apps is another meta package which requires every major audio creation application in CCRMA or the Fedora repo.  When I first set up my computer, this package did not yet exist for Fedora 11 (there were a few packages that had not yet been built for Fedora 11 at the time) so I manually selected the packages that I wanted to install, including ardour, hydrogen, qjackctl, and all of the ladspa and lv2 plugin packages.  I tried again on Friday, but now the problem is that one of the CCRMA packages (slime-sbcl) depends on a particular version of another package (sbcl), but that package has just been updated in Fedora’s repository, so the dependency cannot be met, and yum won’t install the meta package.  This is expected to be fixed soon.  But it is possible to install what you need manually, and, in fact, this may be better, since not everyone needs all of the packages that would be pulled in by installing the meta package, anyway.

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